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The PRIVATEER RIDERS M/C are a group of men that are dedicated to one another, our families, having fun and living the Motorcycle Club lifestyle.  We support and advocate for motorcycle rights and education and also efforts to help our community. We first established the club (M/C) in 2006 out of the desire for a strong bond of brotherhood, friendship and the love for riding motorcycles.


The Club Patch was designed to pay tribute to the brotherhood of Privateers from long ago. 

The Privateer Riders Name represents our strong independent beliefs.

The Crossed Swords represents our dedication and willingness to defend our brotherhood and families.

The M/C represents that we are a "Motorcycle Club", NOT  A GANG.

The Skull with eye Patch represents our belief in freedom, legacies and the choice to support one another, even when obstacles exist.

The Arizona Rocker represents the State we live in.

Everything that we believe in is based upon the absolute Respect for our brotherhood and we will always be a group of men that are highly dedicated to our beliefs, always wanting to ride motorcycles and party.

Becoming a member of the PRIVATEER RIDERS M/C is all about respecting others and most of all, one another.

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The Privateer Riders MC name is protected as a registered tradename of the Privateer Riders Motorcycle Club, LLC.  No unauthorized copy is permitted and violators will be subject to criminal and civil action.